10 Reasons Why Branding is Important to Your Company

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"Branding is so much more than just a logo or a single designed element associated with your company."

Rachel Jenkins, Director of 22 Century Design & Marketing.

When thinking about your brand, you really want to consider your entire customer experience; everything from your logo, website, social media channels, the way you answer the phone to the way your customers experience your team, products and services.


When we explain this pretty broad definition to clients it can sometimes be a bit boggling to think about all the elements involved, whether it’s when creating an initial brand or assessing what a rebrand would involve.


So, to keep it simple, we suggest putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and have a plan to create the brand experience you’d want if you were them…

"Always remember, a good brand doesn’t just appear overnight. It comes with a well thought out, strategic plan of action."

We’ve found many SME’s and new start-ups neglect spending the necessary time considering their brand in this broad sense and the impact it has on their business, which ultimately costs them valuable time, effort and expense in the long run.


With this in mind, here are 10 reasons why developing a strong brand is so important…

1. Branding promotes recognition

People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with, whether physically or online. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognise through colour association, structure and repetitive form, it can help people feel more at ease when purchasing your products or services.

2. Your brand helps set you apart from the competition

In today’s global market, it is critical to stand apart from the crowd. You are no longer competing on a local stage, your organisation now competes in the global economy, where choices and alternatives are readily available to your customers. How do you stand out from the thousands or millions of similar companies around the world?


The same applies within a local and national market too.

3. Your brand tells people about your businesses DNA and culture

Your full brand experience; from the visual elements like your logo or website to the way that your phones are answered, tell your customer about the kind of company that you are.


Are all of these touch-points telling the right story about your company?

4. Your brand provides motivation and direction for your team

 A clear brand strategy provides the clarity that your employees needs to be successful. It tells them how to act, how to succeed, and how to strive to meet the goals of your company.

5. A strong brand generates referrals

People love to tell others about the brands they like, whether that be through word of mouth recommendations, social media tagging or through happy customers leaving positive reviews.


People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands, live with brands, wrap their properties up in brands, and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. On the flip side, you can’t tell someone about a brand you simply can’t remember.  


Additionally, a strong brand website strategy, like backlinks, is critical to generating referrals or viral traffic. This is more technical and don’t worry we can look after this for our clients!

6. A strong brand helps customers know what to expect

A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease. They know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand.


Think of successful global brands such as Coco-Cola, Disney, Apple but equally so, SMEs and start-ups need a strong brand to grow and be sustainable for the future.

7. Your brand represents you and your promise to your customers

It is important to remember that your brand represents you… You are the brand, your team are the brand, your marketing materials are the brand.


What do they say about you, and what do they say about what you’re going to deliver, and promise to your customers?

8. Your brand helps you create clarity and stay focused

It’s very easy to jump around from idea to idea with nothing to guide you, clients have told us it can seem overwhelming at times!


It really doesn’t take long to veer from your original goals or plans. Or to forget what they originally were. A clear brand strategy helps you stay focused on your mission, future vision and KPI’s as a company.


Your brand can help you be strategic and will guide your marketing efforts saving time and money.

9. Your brand helps you to emotionally connect with customers

Purchasing is an emotional experience, there are many studies into this which can be found online, and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.


On your journey to work look out for how many brands you recognise which just proves the point it is not just large global brands, with equally large budgets, who invest and nurture their brand image.

10. A strong brand provides your business value

A strong brand will provide value to your business well beyond your physical assets. Something to consider if your long-term plan is to sell your business.

How strong is your brand?

The best branding is built on a strong idea… An idea that you and your team can hold on to, can commit to, and can deliver upon.  


Your brand needs to reflect and represent your entire company. When your business is clear on the brand mission and can deliver on the promises of the brand, you will see valuable increases while building brand loyalty among your customer base.


If you need assistance with your brand, from creating your initial brand strategy to designing the visual identity elements contact us… We’d love to help you identify and share your brand’s story.

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