Cloud Computing Tips for Businesses

Cloud computing tips

With a successful, growing business comes the need for greater technology and more efficient operations. Cloud computing emerged as a cost-effective, powerful, and convenient alternative to the more traditional approach.

Now cloud computing has become the new ‘normal’, we’ve compiled a few Top Tips to ensure your business runs efficiently behind the scenes…

Secure Your Applications

The cloud computing app library is constantly growing at a rapid rate, allowing many of its users to access up-to-date software without added expenses involved with upgrading and patching-up software which possibly isn’t quite up to purpose. Convenient, affordable access to the latest software is one of the most alluring aspects of cloud computing, but there is a catch… In order to grow as quickly as possible, many of these cloud-based apps have a relatively short testing period before being released. Application performance issues can create security holes and expose the user to attacks which can cost you a small fortune in time and money to repair.


To make the most of your cloud computing software, actively scan your applications for any vulnerabilities.

Updates in Real-Time

There’s no need to save files locally and share them with collaborators via email. Every team member can access the project from a single source by using cloud computing. This eliminates confusion over which version of the project is the latest whilst encouraging group projects via the cloud for greater efficiency and collaboration.

Consider a Back-up

While backing up your cloud-based data seems counterintuitive, there is a good reason for it though… Security vulnerabilities aside, files do become corrupted occasionally. When this happens, that project you’ve been working on for weeks may just disappear (how frustrating!). Consider backing your data up to a remote server to avoid any mishaps.

Monitor Your Multi-Cloud Setup Closely

Many businesses take advantage of a Multi-Cloud setup to handpick certain technologies and exploit the strengths of each service. Without close management, the costs for redundant services can add up quickly… Therefore, it’s important to make sure you monitor how your application data flows between platforms and your ROI above all else.

Implement BYOD Carefully

If your company employs a BYOD (Buy Your Own Device) policy, you must take steps to ensure that each device is secured before accessing the network. Also, keep in mind that these devices can leave your workplace containing sensitive data and then join other less secure networks. Have a good idea of what networks your employee’s devices are connecting to after hours.

Design Your Network to be Cloud-Based

For maximum efficiency and speed, you want to make sure that all of your applications are running through cloud computing software. Your network should be set up so that Cloud applications are prioritised over less critical operations, which will allow you to harness the power of cloud computing software in its entirety.

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