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It’s aways nice to receive a glowing client review, but when it’s from a supplier too, that’s the cherry on top! We are active networkers, it plays a vital part of our own lead generation strategy, we dont hide it – in fact we are very proud of our active networking presence… To receive such a glowing review in such a public forum from a fellow networker and trusted long-term supplier, we really were overjoyed. 

"Nurturing long-term, genuine relationships with not just clients, but suppliers and fellow business owners too is hugely important to me. People really do buy people, which is why I put so much effort into being seen and getting out there to meet new people."

Rachel Jenkins, Director of 22 Century Design & Marketing.

Oasis Technology Ltd are genuine friends of the 22 team, but more importantly we work collaboratively with one another often. James Partner, Director of Oasis Technology Ltd and his team provide outstanding communication solutions, in fact, they provide our own office systems. We highly recommend their communication solutions for any business, large and small – specialising specifically in voice and data connectivity solutions for home and business: broadband and leased lines, line rental.

So, what did they have to say?

Dear Rachel, 


I just wanted to write you this short letter of thanks for offering to help out a client of mine after being… how can I put this tactfully – being royally shafted by not just one, but two local designers.


My client had paid good money for some design work to be done. They had been promised the earth by a local designer, who took a hefty deposit – and who then gave all manner of excuses as to why the work could not be completed as discussed


Having give-up on that designer – they spoke to another designer, who again – promised the complete the work for a fee; took a deposit; and then promptly disappeared in another expensive puff of smoke – leaving my client even further out of pocket – and still without the design that they needed. 


I asked you if you could help – and after telling you about my client’s run of bad luck with designers, asked if there was anything you could do. To my surprise and delight, you looked at what had already been done, and said that you would be able to complete the work for my client – free of charge – saying that they had suffered and spent enough already. 


Needless to say, my client was absolutely over the moon when I told him – as was I. I know that this kind gesture from yourself will not go un-noticed by my client, and that it will definitely lead-on to more PAID work for you. 


Rachel – you have always been a pleasure to work with, and my clients that I have introduced you to have always been bowled over, with everything you have done for them. 


I am proud and privileged to call you a friend and a valued partner to my business, and look forward to working with you for many years to come. So here’s to the next project that we can work on together!


With kind regards,

James Partner

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