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We know life gets busy, those busy business owners are rushing around doing their thing and winning – it’s amazing to see… But not everyone remembers or has time to ensure their business is being visible to their audience on social media, in tern, keeping them busy for the longterm! That’s why theres social nerds like us, and this is another one of those amazing, feel-good success stories from a happy manages social media client; Sam’s Decorating School

"It's nice to be able to create fun visuals and stretch out creative muscles whilst chatting all things DIY, decor and interior design!"

Rachel Jenkins, Director of 22 Century Design & Marketing.

So, what did they have to say?

Dear Rachel,


I want to show my gratitude by submitting a testimonial.


You are by far the best at producing colourful, fresh marketing ads, and it shows you have put in time and effort as they are always accurate and informative. Not only that, you are a pleasure to work with, with your kind and nurturing attitude.


I don’t have time to do this for myself so thank you Rachel, for helping me. Its very much
appreciated! I would highly recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again.


Yours Sincerely


Samantha Marsden
Sam’s Decorating School and Samantha Marsden Painting & Decorating

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