Why should your business choose a VoIP phone system?

VoIP technology has become very popular with businesses looking to save costs, enhance convenience, and give employees the tools they need for a modern, efficient workplace. One of the first tasks for anyone starting a business is ensuring reliable phone access. A lot of work is done on computers, but both office and road base businesses still need phones for day-to-day communications.

Older, proprietary phone systems were quite expensive and were difficult to reconfigure and they were difficult to scale up or down as a businesses requirements flexed and adapted. However, a VoIP phone system solves these problems and offers many advantages over the old traditional landline systems.

A VoIP phone system gives you much more flexibility because you can take and manage calls not just from your desk phone, but from your computer and your mobile. So you can use all of the features, wherever you are. With VoIP, you’ll never miss an important call again, thats for sure!

Why should your business choose a VoIP phone system

First thing’s first... What even is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol and in common terms means having a phone system that runs over the internet… It allows you to make convenient, or often low cost telephone calls over the Internet. You can call any telephone in the world and any telephone can call you – regardless of what equipment or network the person you are calling uses.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

There are many advantages of switching to a VoIP phone system and this is why hosting your business phone system in the Cloud is becoming increasingly popular. Below are some of the main advantages of VoIP:

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that it can be more cost effective over traditional landline services. On a PSTN line, time is really money. You actually pay for each minute you spend communicating on the phone which means if you’re a business that makes a lot of calls, it can get very expensive. Adding to this, international calls are much more expensive than UK to UK calls so if you see yourself making a lot of these calls, it may be worth looking at your options. Since VoIP uses the Internet, you can make calls using your broadband connection which can save you a lot of money.

Another great benefit of VoIP is the functionalities and features that you'll find at your disposal. With range of VoIP service the Oasis Technology Ltd can offer, you will get features like:


Forwarding with ease: In the event where you find yourself unavailable - like on holiday for instance, you have the option to forward all your calls to a different telephone number automatically so a team member can deal with inbound calls whilst you sun yourself on a beach!


Call Recording: You can record and store you phone calls which may be necessary for compliance.


Voicemail & Voicemail-to-Email: You can decide whether you want voicemail on your line and have a voicemail notification sent to your email address which lets you open and listen to that voicemail as an audio file straight from your email inbox, nifty or what!


Conference Calls: It is possible to conference in different clients, colleagues and suppliers whilst on a call.


Mobile Application: Your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device can become your extension so you will be able to receive calls remotely, great for on the road businesses.


Desktop Application: Your desktop computer can now act as a ‘softphone’ which will allow you to make and receive calls from your extension without even needing a phone nearby.


Call Reporting: Inbound and outbound calls are logged so you can then go back and look at the performance, perfect for services focused businesses.

The whole setup of a businesses phone system and its call routing is ran by an easy-to-use web portal which makes it easy to move, add, or change the system’s configuration and this can be managed by yourself or Oasis Technology

If you’re a business that has multiple sites then VoIP is definitely a great option for you. You can connect multiple sites easily and cost-effectively with one system and you can transfer calls to different locations seamlessly, integrate with your company CRM and pre-established systems with ease.

Between us at 22 Century Design & Marketing, and James at Oasis Technology Ltd we can help install and implement perfect communications systems for your business

Whether you’re an Estate Agency that needs to still to be able to make and receive calls on a portable device when you’re out of the office on a house viewing or you’re a Recruitment Agency that needs to establish a local presence by changing the number that you dial out on, a VoIP solution is definitely the way forward for you and it just so happens you’re in luck….


One of the benefits of working with us is that we have an amazing directory of trusted communications suppliers within our network, who are happy to assist with your telecoms needs.


James Partner, Director at Oasis Technology Ltd is an experienced telecoms supplier who can cater for businesses with a wide variety of solutions tailor fitted to your businesses specific needs.

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