Local Marketing Continues to Dominate: The Power of “Near Me” Searches

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Businesses have witnessed a remarkable shift in consumer behaviour. Mobile devices have become the go-to tool for consumers seeking local businesses, as evidenced by the exponential growth in searches for businesses “near me” in recent years. Google statistics from 2016 to 2018 revealed a staggering 200% increase in searches for “shopping near me.” Moreover, a 2022 report by SafariDigital highlighted that a whopping 97% of users rely on online searches to find local businesses. These statistics emphasise the unprecedented importance of local marketing, a trend that is expected to persist throughout 2023 and beyond.

Growth of Local Searches:

The rise of local searches has been nothing short of remarkable. People are increasingly turning to search engines to find nearby businesses and services. From 2016 to 2018, Google’s data showcased the immense growth in searches for “shopping near me,” illustrating a shift in consumer behaviour towards convenience and locality. The SafariDigital report further solidifies the significance of local searches, revealing that almost all users now leverage online platforms to discover and engage with local businesses.

Continuing Focus on Local Marketing in 2023:

Surprisingly, even big brands are striving to gain traction in local markets and compete against local businesses. Local businesses hold a unique advantage in their ability to create specific and relevant content tailored to their local geographies, earning favour with search engines like Google. Brands with multiple locations must prioritise localising their content to ensure uniqueness and relevance, ultimately enhancing their search visibility and overall success.

Strategies for Effective Local Marketing:

To harness the power of local marketing, businesses must adopt targeted strategies that resonate with their local audience. This includes optimising local business listings on search engines and online directories, incorporating localised keywords and long-tail search phrases, leveraging customer reviews and ratings, implementing local SEO techniques, and running geo-targeted advertising campaigns. Additionally, engaging with the local community through social media platforms can foster stronger connections and brand loyalty.


The dominance of local marketing is undeniable, and its importance in the digital landscape is expected to continue throughout 2023. The rise in “near me” searches signifies a consumer desire for convenience and localised experiences. Businesses, both big and small, must recognize this trend and invest in local marketing strategies to stay competitive in their respective markets. By leveraging the power of local searches, optimising online listings, and engaging with their local audience, businesses can thrive and unlock new opportunities for growth. In an increasingly digital world, local marketing remains a key driver of success.

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