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Many businesses were caught a little short when lockdown came crashing into action, many were left dazed and confused having to really shake up their marketing efforts and diversify in a big way… RAS: Risk Advisory Service was one of those companies that had to act quick and learn to shape-shift on the fly, moving from in-person First Aid lessons to remote working as well as best medical practices also being turned on their head in an ever changing environment.

"Being able to help and assist during these stressful times really is an amazing feeling."

Rachel Jenkins, Director of 22 Century Design & Marketing.

RAS: Risk Advisory Service are qualified First Aid instructors and Travel Risk consultants. During lockdown, they were not only having to react quick to ensure they were successfully informing students, past and present, of ever-changing best practices to remain COVID safe whilst performing life saving First Aid, but also ensure their business remained present, visible and up-to-date. It was one heck of a marketing task, and we were pleased to know our efforts made a difference.

So, what did they have to say?

Dear Rachel


Having spent 2020 trying to energise our social media, we finally decided to call in the experts! In December 2020 we consulted Rachel at 22 Century Designs to tear up what we currently do and start again. We needed to change our tack, make it more engaging and help us find those clients we are missing. 


Rachel took on our work personally, taking time to understand the unique complexities of the business and came up with a fantastic strategy and a to do list. She gave us some great pointers that we can do going forwards and, in some instances, we happily handed over the reins, to her team for their input.


Now we have started out to do list, we are excitedly looking forward and re-energised by the support, guidance and the occasion slap on the wrists. What we loved about working with 22 Century Designs is that they worked with us, not for us, empowering us to think like marketeers not like trainers.


We wholeheartedly will recommend 22 Century Designs and we are looking forward to using Rachel again to help us manage our marketing. 


Creative, insightful, and utterly trustworthy – five stars 



RAS: Risk Advisory Service 

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